For clint lohman, life before wbc included reviewing the home brew recipes offered by a local wine & Hop shop. he noticed the absence of anything resembling a white ipa (the marriage of an ipa and a wit beer), and went to work filling the void.

the shop served as an idea hub, the type of place where customers shared their thoughts and theories on all things brewing. which is how clint first heard about nelson sauvin hops. this is a special variety grown exclusively in new zealand, known for having a wonderfully unique influence on a beer's flavor and aroma.

clint decided these hops were ideal for his new recipe. but before he could actually brew it up, life called him in a different direction, which happily led right through the front doors of wbc.

flash forward to clint, now a wbc brewer, at the helm of "old abe," our pilot brewhouse. proving that life's path can be circular as well as linear, he's back at work on his recipe. He has his nelson sauvin hops (after a long and extensive search for the little buggers), and he's added some amarillo hops for good measure. and there's yet another twist in the mix — lager yeast.

so for those keeping score, IPA + WIT BEER + LAGER = well, what exactly?

on paper, it's an India white lager.

on your tastebuds, it's a whole new experience.

blister in the sun is a wheat lager that's fresh and fruity, with a hint of coriander and orange peel. light in color, but brimming with an impressively hoppy depth of flavor, with a smooth, clean finish. the perfect companion for hot summer days (and nights) with friends.

and what's the story with the name? whether you prefer giving credit to the sultry days of summer, or the day mike mcguire burned his hand, or a song by the violent femmes, clint doesn't much care.

as long as you have fun drinking his beer.