Intense pale ale

The feeling can be electric when you get a brilliant idea. the feeling can also be electric when you get electrocuted.

In brewmaster kirby nelson's case, it was a little of both.

kirby had a bit of a carpal tunnel issue (if you suspect this was brought on by the repetitive lifting of 12-oz bottles to his lips — well, we can't rule it out). so he sought out medical care in our fine wisconsin health system. and keeping up their reputation for all things cutting edge, the treatment included administering a jolt of live current into his wrist.

this electrifying event might deserve the credit for what happened next, or it could be pure coincidence. all we know is, kirby came back from the hospital with his synapses firing on a fresh idea for a new and very intense pale ale.

Electro-shock therhopy.

therhopy isn't a typo — fact is, this brew is amped with three varieties of wonderful hops. Kirby co-mingled nelson sauvin, cascade and citra for intensity, then balanced it nicely with brewer's and munich malts. the result can only be described (appropriately enough) as a fully-charged taste experience. one session with this beer and — just like kirby after his mild electrocution — you're bound to be feeling better.

but don't wait — brew #019 is a limited release (part of wbc's conspiracies family of beers) and you won't want to miss it. this isn't just an awesome-tasting ipa; it's shock therapy for your taste buds.