NEW FROM our conspiracies series®, here's a spiced espresso porter with a pleasant disposition and lively personality.

Josephine springs from the same family tree as our popular porter joe®. so if you like joe, there's a great chance you'll love josephine. but she’s out to make her own mark on the craft-brew-loving world. this brew features A RICHER PORTER RECIPE featuring Barriques special blend coffee and a trio of excellent malts (caramel 60, extra special and dark chocolate), a slightly higher abv, and a gentle kiss of star anise for a touch of spice at the finish.

JOSEPHINE IS only available on tap, so ask for her at your favorite establishments that pour excellent beer. (josephine is ALSO available nitro-carbonated, ENHANCING ALL OF her EASY-TO-LOVE QUALITIES WITH AN even SMOOTHER velvety texture.)

so what are you waiting for? Say hello. take her out (of the tap). get to know Josephine. you'll discover what her close family already knows — this is a balanced, wonderful-tasting, expertly-refined brew, with just a hint of a wild streak.

Meet #020 Josephine. You'll both be glad you did.