kirby nelson finds inspiration for his beers from a whole lot of sources. But there's no question that tunes — particularly the soulful music and lyrics of jon dee graham — have a special, inspirational relationship with our brewmaster's muse.

a few years back, kirby created big sweet life, a bittersweet maibock that reflected the musician's song of the same name. Now, dark something (inspired by graham's laredo: small dark something) is here to continue this rich tunes 'n' brews collaboration.

like the song, this beer is loaded with depth, richness and complexity. in brew-speak, we refer to it as porter-doppelbock mashup, dry-hopped with east kent goldings. the recipe is high-octane; the hops provide powerful flavor (and an equally strong kick at the finish).

if you like great tunes, you'll like dark something. If you like great beer, you'll like dark something. if you love both, well, welcome to paradise in a pint glass.