When it comes to unique takes on beer styles, Kirby Nelson can innovate with the best of them. But while creativity is always close to our brewmaster’s heart, it’s Old World brewing traditions that fire his soul.

Not unlike the fiery amber hue of Patron Saint, Kirby’s excellent take on a classic Oktoberfest.Kirby will tell you that the German Marzen beer is an undisputed classic, a monument to the early days and early ways of brewing, when the last, best beers of the winter season were stored in Alpine caverns and enjoyed throughout the fleeting European summers. It’s a beer style with roots as deep as the chestnut trees those same brewers planted to create the first beer gardens. Its richness, character and flavor have stood the test of time, not just surviving, but thriving. a marzen is an eternal guardian of the orderthe Patron Saint of beers.

Patron Saint is an homage to that classic Oktoberfest. in our brew, the wonderful richness of Munich malt and the roasted sweetness of caramel malt add an amazing burst of flavor that for all its intensity isn’t overpowering. Rather, this marzen offers an impressive depth, robust body and strong, confident personality that more than lives up to its name, while being a perfectly pleasant enough brew to hang out with all day long.

Few beer styles are more popular, more beloved, more admired than Oktoberfest Marzens.

And few Oktoberfest Marzens are brewed with more care, passion and reverence than Patron Saint.