Wisconsin's history and brewing heritage go hand in hand. in fact, the first brewery here opened before the badger state even became a state (proving that the first wisconsin settlers had their priorities in order).

in 1868, Peter fauerbach came to madison and established fauerbach brewery on the north shore of lake monona. it would serve wisconsin for the next century, growing from 3,000 to 75,000 barrels annually and creating many wonderful beers along the way.

one of their earliest brews was a low-alcohol bEER NAMed nectarine, Billed by the brewery as a "hop and malt tonic" with amazing curative powers. (it was even sold in local pharmacies.) Drinking nectarine would build "strength, energy, force and vitality" and help you "win the battle of life."

the brand's promise was inspired and bold — just like fauerbach. to honor this iconic wisconsin brewery, we're proud to adopt the nectarine name for our own special pale ale.

Draw a pint of our NECTARINE, and a hazy orange-gold hue invites you to an ale bursting with citrusy hop aroma and flavor that finishes with a smooth, clean sweetness, enhanced via honey malt and orange peel. it's juicy, refreshing, easy to drink. So while we can't promise it'll change your life, we definitely think you'll enjoy the time you spend getting acquainted.

here's to fauerbach brewery and nectarine, a beer with a little history — and a lot of flavor — in every bottle!

For more information about fauerbach's brewery, history and beer, please visit fauerbachbrewery.com